Abroad we're seeing manufacturing and supply chain disruptions as expected with COVID-19 concerns and impact. We're also expecting logistical delays and some extra checks and balances domestically in addition. With some considerations, we can say that we expect k8's to arrive around the end of March. Thank you for your patience.

Motor Driver Board
Motor Driver Board
Motor Driver Board

Motor Driver Board

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This board provides a simple way to add motor driving capability to the micro:bit. It allows two motors to be driven with full forward, reverse and stop control. It has terminal blocks to connect four input devices and a regulated 3V supply is fed in to the 80 way connector to power the inserted micro:bit.

This motor driver for the micro:bit includes an integrated Edge Connector slot for your micro:bit to easily slot into. It also features external connections to the A and B buttons/inputs. This allows additional switches to be connected to the motor driver board and the state of these can then be read by the micro:bit.

  • Drive two motors with full forward, reverse and stop control.
  • Terminal blocks for easy connection of motors and inputs.
  • Four inputs (two analogue inputs and two provide external connections to buttons A and B as inputs).
  • Includes Edge Connector for the micro:bit to slot into.
  • Provide regulated power to the micro:bit.
  • Access the other micro:bit pins easily and conveniently.