Maker Uno Plus: Simplifying Arduino for Education
Maker Uno Plus: Simplifying Arduino for Education
Maker Uno Plus: Simplifying Arduino for Education
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Maker Uno Plus: Simplifying Arduino for Education

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The Arduino Maker UNO Plus has been designed specifically to simplify Arduino for Education. Learn about and construct electronic circuits and explore physical computing. Traditional Arduino boards can make the task of troubleshooting circuits that don't work quite difficult. Determining if it is the code or the circuit can be problematic. The GPIO pins on the Maker UNO Plus feature LEDs that make the job of seeing when pins become active very easy, you can quickly see if the program is functioning correctly and act accordingly.

Each Arduino Uno comes with stickers for all of the pin headers. Once the stickers are attached to the board it makes the task of finding the right IO pin much easier for the students, which should result in fewer failed circuits. There is also a handy strip on the back of the boards that be used to add a name a or label.

Maker UNO Plus is fully compatible with Arduino. You can share the same library and code. Compared with the original Arduino Uno, Maker UNO Plus has added 12x LED, 1x piezo buzzer and 1x programmable pushbutton switch. The current of 3.3V is boosted to 500mA from 150mA to support more 3.3V's devices. The DC jack power input socket is removed and the conventional USB Type B is also replaced with the more commonly used USB Micro B. The USB to serial converter used at Maker UNO Plus is upgraded to FT231X from CH340 at Maker UNO. The driver installation of FT231X is much easier compare to CH340.

Maker UNO Plus is CE, FCC and RoHS compliance! CE also known as "European Conformity" is a product safety requirement recognized by the European countries. FCC is a requirement of the Federal Communications Commission (USA) to ensure the electromagnetic interference from the product is under the approved limits. While RoHS compliance means that all components that used at Maker UNO Plus are green and not harmful to the environment.


  • 1 x Maker UNO Plus.
  • 1 x Micro USB cable.
  • 1 x Pin Header Sticker.