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In this lesson you’ll learn how to design and build a custom touch controller that works with the amazingly awesome BBC micro:bit. You’ll learn basic electronic concepts like conductivity and put your understanding to practice in the Patchr Design Tools.

This might be your first crack at designing your own printed circuit board (also known as a PCB) and so no soldering is involved.

Note: micro:bit not included.

The MegaTouch Includes

  • Kit instructions

  • Access to the Patchr Editor

  • Includes all components

  • A custom PCB of your design

What You'll Learn with the MegaTouch

  • Introduction to fundamental electronics components

    • Custom PCB

    • Mounting hardware to attach the MegaTouch to a BBC micro:bit — micro:bit not included.
  • Reading a schematic & schematic symbols

  • Patchr Editor

    • PCB layout

    • PCB routing

    • PCB silkscreen design

  • Assembly Steps


  • Side-by-side instructions and electronics design tools

  • Automatic design rules verification

  • Layout

  • Routing