Abroad we're seeing manufacturing and supply chain disruptions as expected with COVID-19 concerns and impact. We're also expecting logistical delays and some extra checks and balances domestically in addition. With some considerations, we can say that we expect k8's to arrive around the end of March. Thank you for your patience.

CO2 Sensor for micro:bit

CO2 Sensor for micro:bit

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This board provides a CO2, temperature and relative humidity measurements to a BBC micro:bit. Designed for use with the Lets Talk Science Living Space Project.

Included with the board:
  • 1 C02 sensor board
  • 1 9v barrel Jack 2.1mm connector
  • 4 short varied color Alligator clips

This product does not include the micro:bit which need to be purchased separately

A full kit is available for purchase which includes a CO2 sensor and 2 micro:bits: Living Space Kit