Essential Seed Bundle for Flex Farm
Essential Seed Bundle for Flex Farm
Essential Seed Bundle for Flex Farm
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Essential Seed Bundle for Flex Farm

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Whether you are growing in the Flex Farm for the first time, or are a seasoned farmer you can't go wrong with this bundle. Seeds in this bundle are what originally ship with the purchase of a Flex Farm. The Essential Seed Bundle features two premium lettuces and one herb.

Each seed packet is carefully selected and hand-packaged to ensure the highest quality and germination rates.


  • Green Star Lettuce
  • Romaine
  • Genovese Basil

Seed quantities:
There are approximately 200 pelleted seeds per lettuce variety seed packet and 400 seeds per herb seed packet. Please note, seed varieties may vary slightly due to availability.

More about the greens:
Green Star Lettuce has tender, textured leaves that are a great addition to salad mixes.

Romaine Lettuce is crisp, succulent, and crunchy with a mild, slightly bitter taste.

Genovese Basil grows glossy, deep green leaves and is a semi-compact plant. It has a fresh, slightly minty flavor with hints of clove.

What are pelleted seeds?
Pelleting is the process by which small or irregularly-shaped seeds are coated with inert materials to render them uniform in size, shape, and weight.