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Climate Action Kit for micro:bit (Energy)

Climate Action Kit for micro:bit (Energy)

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Empower your students to tackle climate change issues while learning important digital skills with the new Energy Climate Action Kit. Just like the popular Land Climate Action Kit, the Energy kit will help educators inspire their students to recognize and address climate change issues related to sustainable energy!
Students will explore the United Nations Sustainable Development goals while making connections between them and the climate change issues we're facing. After learning the background and context of each issue, students will design and prototype a solution using the kit components and a BBC micro:bit.
Grade Level: 4-12
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


The new Energy Climate Action Kit features three modules: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, and Electric Vehicles. Each Climate Action Kit includes a coupon code to access InkSmith's online learning platform filled with tons of classroom-ready resources for educators including interactive Google slide decks and curriculum connections. 

Each Climate Action Kit module is broken into two parts - Part A: Background & Context, and Part B: Physical Coding & Computing. Using the module content on InkSmith's online learning platform, educators can guide their students through the background & context of each sustainable energy-related topic. Afterward, students will use the robotic components in the Climate Action Kit and a micro:bit to build a code the associated sustainable energy project. 

  • 3 x project-based Modules: Wind Energy, Solar Energy, and Electric Vehicles (including curriculum-alignment, teacher guides, and classroom-ready teaching materials)
    • Wind Energy project: Wind Turbine with RPM counter 
    • Solar Energy project: Simulated Solar Array that can detect light
    • Electric Vehicles project: Autonomous Robotic Car that can avoid obstacles
  • 1 x Climate Action Globe Breakout Board
  • Robotic Parts for Energy Projects:
    • Alligator Clips
    • DC Motor + 2 x wheels
    • DC Fan Motor
    • Photoresistor Sensor
    • Servo Motor
    • Touch Sensor
    • Sonar Sensor

Not Included:

  • BBC micro:bit - at least one micro:bit is required to complete each project
  • Additional arts and crafts materials for certain projects and extension activities (ex. cardboard, glue, cup, etc.)  
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