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Microsoft Excel 2016 Certification Courseware Only

Microsoft Excel 2016 Certification Courseware Only

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Gain essential skills for a career in business or finance with our Microsoft Excel 2016 course. Taught by LearnKey Senior Instructor Jason Manibog, this course covers new features such as the "Tell Me" feature and advanced chart options. LearnKey's lesson layout combines various learning materials into concise segments, providing both education and practical application opportunities to cement the concepts.

  • Course Includes: PDF course materials, video tutorials, practical exercises, and interactive modules.
  • Ideal For: Business professionals, finance students, office workers, and anyone looking to improve their Excel skills.
  • Access: Online with immediate access upon purchase, suitable for multiple devices for flexible learning.

Time to Completion: 10h 29m

Course content:

    • Domain 1:
      Create and Manage Worksheets and Workbooks - 2h 31m 14s
    • Domain 2:
      Manage Data Cells and Ranges - 1h 35m 1s
    • Domain 3:
      Create Tables - 48m 5s
    • Domain 4:
      Perform Operations with Formulas and Functions - 1h 30m 56s
    • Domain 5:
      Create Charts and Objects - 1h 11m 50s

Once you purchase the item, our sales team will reach out to provide the necessary access and credentials.

note: This course is good for one year online unless otherwise specified and restricted to use by one individual. The licenses will become inactive if used by multiple individuals.

We also offer proctoring and exam vouchers as a separate bundle.

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