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Step Counter 3000 - Micro:bit STEM kit

Step Counter 3000 - Micro:bit STEM kit

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In this project you will use a micro:bit to design and build your own wearable device to measure how many steps you take over a certain distance. You’ll need to code the micro:bit, then design and build a way to effectively attach it to your body, clothes or shoes.

  • You will use the micro:bit’s accelerometerto make something happen.
  • It counts how many times the micro:bit has been shaken. It stores this number in a variable called ‘steps’.
  • Variables are used by computers to store information that may change, such as the number of steps you’ve taken.
  • Every time the micro:bit accelerometer input senses a shake, the program increases the variable by 1, and shows the new number on the LED display
  • You will also design and then build a way to hold the micro:bit on your shoes or clothing in order to turn the micro:bit into a wearable device as they take steps or run
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