Arcade Joystick - Medium Handle

Arcade Joystick - Medium Handle

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A medium sized, ball-handled, Arcade Joystick, universally compatible with a wide range of products including arduino boards.

The joystick uses four micro-switches that can be used to detect 8-way movement, and is ideally suited to the construction of simple games and devices.



  • 8-way movement, for full control of output.
  • 4 micro-switches to detect on/off.
  • Simple, easy to fit design.
  • Spring return to centre.
  • Rugged construction, can withstand heavy usage.
  • Switch ratings: 5A at 125V DC, 3A at 250V AC.



  • 1 x Medium Sized, Ball-Handle Joystick.


Possible applications include:

  • Arcade Machines.
  • Remote Controls.



  • Length: 61mm.
  • Width: 95mm.
  • Joystick Height: 75mm.
  • Overall Height: 105mm.