Bulk Supplies Box for Flex Farm
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Bulk Supplies Box for Flex Farm

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The Bulk Supplies Box is for farmers operating four or more Flex Farms.

It features the essential items needed to hydroponically grow fresh food in four Flex Farms for approximately 12 months. This includes items such as the Fork Farms approved nutrient blends and pH adjuster. The Bulk Supplies Box does not include seeds or nursery trays.

Note, quantities are larger than shown. Refer to the product list for quantities. 


  • 30 Rockwool Flats
  • 5 lbs. Nutrient A
  • 5 lbs. Nutrient B
  • 1 gal. pH Down

More about the Bulk Supplies Box:

• 30 Rockwool Flats for planting and germinating seeds.

• 5 lbs. Nutrient A for hydroponically grown leafy green crops.

• 5 lbs. Nutrient B is a greenhouse-grade calcium nitrate for plants and is a refined, prilled (uncoated) highly soluble fertilizer. Used in combination with Nutrient A for optimal growth.

• 1 gal. pH Down maintains an optimal pH in the Flex Farm.


Take proper precautions in handling and storage. Store in a cool, dark place out of the reach of children.