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Kitronik Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit - Python version

Kitronik Inventors Kit for the BBC micro:bit - Python version

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The Kitronik Inventor's Kit - Python version for the BBC micro:bit is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the BBC micro:bit. This Inventor's Kit contains everything you need to complete 10 experiments. To get you off to a flying start, we have included an easy-to-follow tutorial book which guides you through everything you will need to know about programming the BBC micro:bit. You don't need any experience with programming as the tutorial book will guide you every step of the way. You'll be programming and creating circuits in no time!

The tutorial offers step-by-step guides to all 10 experiments. Experiments 1 - 6 are coded with MakeCode Blocks and experiments 7 - 10 are coded with the MakeCode Python editor. 

The BBC micro:bit has a selection of pins that are located on the bottom edge of its PCB. By using our specially designed Edge Connector Board for the BBC micro:bit in conjunction with the breadboard, it is easy to use these pins to connect additional components to the BBC micro:bit.

This kit is available as a single pack or as a pack of 20 for the classroom. 

Inventors Kit Add-On Packs:

On its own, the Kitronik Inventors Kit offers a great introduction to the world of physical computing. . But why stop there?

The three add-on packs for the inventors kit have been specifically devised to introduce you to these aspects of practical physical computing.

  • ZIP LEDs Add-On Pack for Kitronik Inventors Kit for micro:bit - Learn how to write code to take control of ZIP LEDs and also learn how to make ZIP LEDs respond to input from components such as potentiometers and sensors.
  • Noise Pack for Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit - Learn how to manipulate sound, build instruments, amplify your sounds, and how to shape your sounds with Filtering and EQ.
  • Digital Logic Pack for Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit - Learn how logic gates work and how they can be used in conjunction with the micro:bit.


  • This kit requires assembly.
  • This kit does not include a BBC microbit.
  • If you purchase a microbit separately you may also need to purchase a Battery Cage and a USB Cable, depending on which microbit option you purchase.


    • No soldering is required - build your first circuit in minutes!
    • Make 10 experiments included in the provided step-by-step tutorial book.
    • As your skill grows, progress from Blocks to Python all within the MakeCode environment.
      • Experiments 1 - 6 are blocks orientated.
      • Experiments 7 - 10 are now completed with Python.
      • All parts are included to conduct the 10 experiments (listed below).
      • Breaks out 21 accessible pins from the BBC micro:bit using the Edge Connector Board for the BBC micro:bit (included).
      • Small Prototype Breadboard included for fast prototyping.


Every single pack contains;

Kitronik micro:bit inventors kit - Python version Pack Size Options:

  • Single Pack: 5669
  • 20 Pack: 5669-20


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