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Kitronik Simple Robotics Kit for the BBC micro:bit

Kitronik Simple Robotics Kit for the BBC micro:bit

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Our Simple Robotics Kit is an easy build, entry-level, introduction to the exciting world of robotics. Step-by-step build and coding instructions are included.

Enter the world of robotics with our Simple Robotics kit and build your own easy build microbit-controlled robot. It has been designed, from the ground up, to be simple to build by even the youngest of fingers. From its one-piece cardboard chassis to its clip lead connections, everything goes together in a way that is as free from frustration as possible.

This robot buggy is the same that is featured in our Lesson in a Box Simple Robotics kit, which is a complete set of electronics and teaching resources to enable successful cross-curricular lessons with minimal teacher effort. This single version allows you to make one at home with the children and enjoy the fun learning potential this kit offers. Designed and tested with direct Teacher assistance, and in the classroom, we know this kit lends itself perfectly to the young roboteer.

The kit of parts is accompanied by a detailed set of instructions that will not only walk you through the assembly but also covers the coding in detail. Even if you aren't confident or technical in nature, you will have no difficulties assembling and using this wonderful kit.

Nearly everything you will need is supplied with the kit. All you need to have to hand is; a microbit, a screwdriver, and a pair of scissors. The scissors and the screwdriver are barely used, so if the children are quite young these parts can be done in a flash by an adult.

The included cardboard body can be cut, decorated, and modified to suit your own projects, or you could even design your very own chassis, the possibilities are endless.


The supplied instructions have extremely detailed coding explanations, so much so that the beginner will have no difficulties following along. There are also some more involved examples that are similarly walked through. The examples are for the Microsoft MakeCode Editor, which is also designed for beginners.



  • An easy-build entry-level robot kit that requires no soldering.
  • It contains detailed instructions for both the assembly and the coding.
  • The included cardboard body can easily be customised and decorated.
  • A great activity to do with supervised children.
  • It can be coded with the easy-to-use Microsoft MakeCode Editor, which the included instructions cover in detail.





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