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Microsoft FarmBeats with micro:bit (Club Pack)

Microsoft FarmBeats with micro:bit (Club Pack)

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Club Pack:

Educate the next generation of agricultural innovators with our FarmBeats for Educators Club Pack - 10 kits designed to empower teachers and inspire students in STEM education.

Unlock Tomorrow's Agriculture Today!

Introduce your students to the future of agriculture with the FarmBeats for Students program. This immersive kit and program empowers the next generation of leaders, teaching them essential skills in sensors, data analysis, machine learning, and AI. By understanding these technologies, students become efficient and resource-conscious farmers for our planet needs.

What's Inside:

  • 10x micro: bit V2 board
  • 10x Quick start guide
  • 10x micro-USB Cable
  • 10x Battery Holder
  • 20x AAA Batteries
  • 10x Mini Soil Prong
  • 20x Nails
  • 30x Alligator Clips

Why Choose FarmBeats?

Empower Your Students: Foster a passion for STEM education and equip your students with practical skills that go beyond the classroom.

Curriculum Integration: Seamlessly infuse your lesson plans with our carefully curated curriculum, crafted to align with educational standards. And here's the best part – it's absolutely FREE! (Access the curriculum here)

Hands-On Learning: Engage students in real-world applications by building a garden monitoring system. Witness the impact of AI, data analysis, and IoT in action!

Transform Your Classroom with Professional Learning! Ignite curiosity, cultivate innovation, and set your students on a path to success with FarmBeats for Students – where learning meets the future of agriculture.

Get started.

The curriculum package, MakeCode, and FarmBeats hardware kits are all you need to get started.

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