Servo Driver Board
Servo Driver Board
Servo Driver Board

Servo Driver Board

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Take your robotics project to the next level and control servos with the Kitronik I2C Servo Driver Board for the micro:bit.

Capable of controlling 16 servos which are powered directly from the board's power supply. The board can be powered either through the terminal blocks or the on-board header for radio control receiver packs.

The pins from the micro:bit are broken out to pads on the end of the Servo Driver Board, in accordance with the Link Standard for micro:bit accessories. These pads can either be soldered onto directly, or they are the correct spacing for our PCB pin headers.


  • Input voltage 3V - 5.5V.
  • Drive up to 16 servo motors.
  • Servos take power directly from the board power supply.
  • Standard 0.1"" pitch servo connectors.
  • Terminal blocks for easy connection of power.
  • Includes Edge Connector for the micro:bit to slot into.
  • Link Standard compatible.
  • Access the other micro:bit pins easily and conveniently.